Our team specializes in motion graphics production, which is the answer for today's fast-moving society. Motion graphics refers to the application of animation and effects to video, film, TV and interactive applications. ​

Messages are the core of presentations. We are work closely with you from brainstorming, conceptualization, planning to production.


One of our founders has more ten years of experience in the field of cinematography, which includes lighting, composition,  camerawork,  and camera equipment. .

We believe in using the best equipment to enhance the quality of cinematography. 


We use  Sony's G-Master, Carl Zeiss lenses, to complement the skills of the cameraworks. Recenntly, one of our members has been appointed as Sony's alpha guru. 


Integrating knowledge, insight, inspiration and ideas into reality.


Sharing  and interpreting experiences involving the plot, characters and types of narration. 


Selection of graphics, animation style, colours, timing, music and sound effects. 


Production to post-production and final selection before the video is released. 

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